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90,000 on Inkstagram. Everyday is a blessing – thank you. If you’d like to be part of that adventure consisting of duckfaces, paintsplashes and meeting my homies: More »


Shout out to the XO homies forwarding the Illustration to The Weeknd. Glad he digged it! #Unreal — with Gracias Nishu.Read More »

I was thinking of a million captions for this image. Stuff like ‘Oh this is something like a phenomenon’ or ‘LL knocked me out’ EVEN, ‘Ladies Love Cool James’ Illustration’ …but then I realised this image means way more than that. I remember growing up listening to the vibes of […]Read More »

#GodIsOne | Ah man, so I was invited by GNSA to present the end of year awards to 500 students. It was such an experience and always a pleasure to be invited! I was caught off guard when the teachers presented me with this silver plate engraved with my name […]Read More »