Aint she beautiful? One of the things I learned while studying my Masters in Illustration was the key to experimentation. Questioning the results of everything within Art. That’s why you’ll never find me categorized to a ‘style’… Sure you maybe able to identify an Inkquisitive piece due to its characteristics, […]Read More »

Blue Peter gets Ink’d

Having the pleasure to be on BBC’s Blue Peter, a childhood favourite show! I’ll be going back next week for judging, cannot wait! A pleasure to meet the presenters, dogs, guests, the producers, camera crew, the cool kids and their wonderful parents! I’ll have the link available soon for those […]Read More »

Ink Turns 4

#InkTurns4 ENTRIES UPLOADED! What is your favourite???? Results up tonight! Please do not disrespect any Artists Artworks, one of the reasons competitions as such are run is to share and celebrate the various expressions we all bring together! I am honestly in love with all these entries, and so amazed […]Read More »